Open Payments Website Updates

Posted: 01/31/2019
Category: CMS

CMS' Open Payments search tool has been updated with the following features:

Query Builder

  • The Query Builder is a new feature located on the Open Payments search tool homepage. The Query Builder allows users to conduct payment searches not tied to an entity (e.g. physician, teaching hospital, company). The results organize payments by program year with the option to download the results for additional analysis.

Entity Profile Updates

  • Payment Types – The Payment types (e.g. General, Research, Ownership in Companies) have been converted to tabs to make this data easier to access and navigate between the different payment types
  • Summary Table - the Summary table detailing the aggregate payment totals by company is now consolidated with the top summary section and made accessible by a “Table” toggle button.
  • Nature of Payment Chart – the Nature of Payment chart has been updated to include a “company filter” to enable users to view the natures of payment breakdown from payments from a specific company.

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