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NYACP at the Nation's Capital for Adovacy Day

Posted: 05/23/2014
Category: Advocacy

The Chapter was well represented at its annual State Legislation Visitation day at the Capital earlier this week. Seventeen members from across the State came to meet with the Chair of the Senate and Assembly Health Committees and with staff from the Govenor's office and Department of Health. Centering on our Chapter's three main policy objectives: Access to Care, Quality of Care and Patient Safety and Public Health, physicians discussed our leading efforts in quality improvement, patient safety and practice transformation, and focused on issues specific to each leader. Included in the discussions were 1) Passing legislation to increase access to opioid antagonists; 2) the continuing emphasis of the legislature on new practice mandates and how disruptive they are to quality patient care; 3) several legislative initiatives to limit tobacco purchase and expand definitions to include e-cigarettes and other unregulated nicotine delivery devices, and the need to restore the Primary Care Incentive Payment that expires on December 31, 2015 which brought increased Medicaid fee for service rates to Medicare levels. The Chapter leadership, staff, and Health and Public Policy Committee members continue to monitor all legislative activities as the Legislature enters its final month of session. Regulatory issues such as the new Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) grants and the State's Health Innovation Plan continue to require many meetings and constant monitoring and assessment.

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