Doctors Across New York (DANY)

What is Doctors Across New York (DANY)?

Doctors Across New York is a series of state-funded programs enacted in 2008 to help train and place physicians in a variety of settings and specialties to care for New York's diverse population.

DANY programs include: Physician Practice Support (PPS), Physician Loan Repayment (PLR), Ambulatory Care Training, Studies on the Physician Workforce, and the Diversity in Medicine/Post-Baccalaureate Program.

Physician Practice Support provides up to $100,000 in funding over a two-year period to applicants who can identify a licensed physician that has completed training and will commit to a two-year service obligation in an underserved region within New York State.

Physician Loan Repayment provides up to $150,000 in funding over a five-year period for physicians who commit to a five-year service obligation in an underserved region.

Over four award cycles since DANY implementation by the New York State Legislature, almost $57.5 million has been awarded to 445 recipients across New York State.  As the State approached Cycle V, there will be some changes to both the Physician Practice Support and the Physician Loan Repayment programs to consolidate the applications and pool the funding to allow $125,000 awards for a three year commitment in either program.

Watch our website updates for more information as the revisions are implemented.

is a state-funded initiative created in 2008 to help train and place physicians in underserved areas to provide care for New York’s diverse population. The program provides funds for practice support or loan repayment for service commitments in underserved areas. One-third of the funds go to underserved sites in New York City, with two-thirds going to sites in the rest of the state.

NYS currently has over 2 million underserved patients in 179 primary care Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) across the state. Over 600 physicians would be required in these areas to remove the shortage status. The Center for Health Workforce Studies predicts a physician shortage of 2,500 -12,000 physicians by 2030.

Why should I apply?

Those who are accepted into the DANY program receive financial support or loan repayment funds while serving underserved areas in New York State. There are two DANY programs open to residents/physicians (Residency programs can also receive funds for a loan repayment track open to residents in their program):

  • Physician Loan Repayment Program (PLR): $150,000 over a 5-year service commitment period
  • Physician Practice Support Program (PPS): $100,000 over a 2-year service commitment period
    • Physicians may join an existing practice or start a new practice in an eligible area/site
    • Group Practices or Facilities in eligible areas/sites may also apply for funds on behalf a of a physician they are hiring
  • Physician Loan Repayment Track: Awards to residency programs to create a Loan Repayment Track within their program. For more details regarding this program, see Application Instructions.

Who is eligible?

The physician must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • A US citizen or permanent resident
  • Licensed to practice in NYS by the time the service obligation begins
  • Not fulfilling an obligation under any state or federal loan repayment program where the obligations overlap or coincide with the DANY service obligation period
  • Not currently working in an underserved area (where current service began prior to 7/1/2010)
  • In good standing with the NYS Department of Health (DOH) Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC)
  • Not in the employ of a federally-operated facility
  • Not a past recipient of DANY PLR or PPS funding

Where am I required to practice and for how long?

  • Underserved area, which can be defined in one of (3) ways:
  • If the practicing primary care (General Internal Medicine, Family Practice, General Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Ob/Gyn) or psychiatry site:
  1. Is in a federally designated Primary Care OR Mental Health HPSA or Medically Underserved Area (MUA). You can search shortage areas here.
  2. Is located in a rural town. The defined/listed in pages 6-8 of the Application Instructions.
  3. Must meet 6 out of 18 listed criteria, with supporting documentation per below
  • If practicing another specialty other than listed above or practicing outside of a HPSA/MUA or defined rural area; the proposed service area, site, and specialty must meet certain criteria:
    • Demographic requirements (income levels, employment rates, age- high percentages of elderly or children, etc.)
    • Service-based requirements (average waiting time for follow-up/new appointments, % of visits for indigent care, etc.)
    • Specialty requirements (distance to nearest provider practicing same specialty, recent locum tenems employed to provide specialty care, etc.)

How do I apply?

  • DANY Application FormApplication Instructions
  • Complete Sections A, B, and C with appropriate service obligation period (2 years for PPS, 5 years for PLR). This includes applicant, physician, and site information.
  • If practicing primary care or psychiatry in a HPSA/MUA or rural town, as per above, complete Section D (attach HPSA/MUA number and listing from above website, as per page 12 of Application Instructions)
  • If practicing another specialty or practicing outside of a HPSA/MUA, will need to meet 6 out of 18 criteria in Section E.
  • Supporting documentation is required. This may include demographic information from US census date or NYC Department of City Planning, as well as signed statements from a principal of the facility attesting to the condition/criteria selected.
  • For specific details and requirements for supporting documentation (for all items 1-18), see pages 12-15 of the Application Instructions.
  • Section E (with supporting documentation) must be completed for each site for which DANY support is requested
  • Complete Section F- Employment Contract or Business Plan
  • Contracts must be signed by physician and employer and reflect appropriate service obligation.
  • If applicant is an individual physician requesting funds to start a new practice, please attach a copy of the business plan (see footnote 2 on page 2 of Application Instructions for items that must be included in business plan)
  • For PPS applicants, also complete Section G1(for Individual Physician applicants) OR Section G2 (for Facility or Practice Applicants)
  • Applications must be submitted electronically as PDF files to (if not possible, contact DOH at 518-473-3513)


For more resources on Doctors Across New York, please follow this link to the NYSDOH page.

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