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3.7.19:The New York State Department of Health has announced that Doctors Across New York (DANY) has begun accepting applications under Cycle VI on March 7.

DANY is a state funded initiative that offers funding to physicians to practice in underserved areas not limited to HPSAS (Health Professional Shortage Areas). Specifically, via the Physician Practice Support (PPS) and Physician Loan Repayment (PLR) programs, physicians can apply for a $120,000 award in exchange for a three-year commitment to practice in New York State. According to the Department of Health, “PLR and PPS awards will provide up to $40,000 per year for three years to or on behalf of a physician who agrees to practice in an area of need for the three-year DANY service obligation period.” $9 million  in funds have been allocated for this award, which will cover 75 three-year awards. Awards are approved on a first come first serve basis, so submit your paperwork to apply or your application ASAP!

Applicants must register in the Grants Gateway in advance of submitting the RFA. This first step of the process requires a notarized account application sent by mail, which can take up to ten days for approval. The Grants Gateway will request a vendor ID. An individual vendor ID can be requested by filling out a W-9 form available on the Grants Gateway website, or if you will be employed by an institution, vendor ID information may be obtained from the finance office of your program.

For those interested in learning more, an informational webinar was held recently and a recording of the webinar was posted to the DANY website after the session.  Additionally, a frequently asked questions document is available here.

To Apply:

Visit the Grants Management website at the following web address: select the “Apply for a Grant” from the menu.  There is also a more detailed “Vendor User Manual” available in the documents section on this page as well.  Training webinars are also provided by the Grants Gateway Team.  Dates and times for webinar instruction can be located at the following web address: To apply for this opportunity:

  1. Log into the as either a “Grantee” or “Grantee Contract Signatory”.
  2. Click on the “View Opportunities” button under “View Available Opportunities”.
  3. In the Search Criteria, enter the Grant Opportunity name Doctors Across New York Physician Loan Repayment and Physician Practice Support Programs and select the Department of Health as the Funding Agency.
  4. Click on “Search” button to initiate the search.
  5. Click on the name of the Grant Opportunity from the search results grid and then select the “APPLY FOR GRANT OPPORTUNITY” button located bottom left of the Main page of the Grant Opportunity.

What is Doctors Across New York (DANY)?

Doctors Across New York is a state-funded initiative created in 2008 to help train and place physicians in underserved areas to provide care for New York’s diverse population. The program provides funds for practice support or loan repayment for service commitments in underserved areas. One-third of the funds go to underserved sites in New York City, with two-thirds going to sites in the rest of the state.

DANY programs include: Physician Practice Support (PPS) and Physician Loan Repayment (PLR).

Physician Practice Support provides up to $100,000 in funding over a two-year period to applicants who can identify a licensed physician that has completed training and will commit to a three-year service obligation in an underserved region within New York State.

Physician Loan Repayment provides up to $120,000 in funding over a three-year period for physicians who commit to a five-year service obligation in an underserved region.

Watch our website updates for more information as the revisions are implemented.

Why Should I Apply?

Those who are accepted into the DANY program receive financial support or loan repayment funds while serving underserved areas in New York State. There is the DANY program open to residents/physicians:

  • Physician Loan Repayment Program (PLR) and Physician Practice Support Program (PPS): $120,000 over a 3-year service commitment period

Who is Eligible?  Read the Eligibility Requirements here

Where/What Are Eligible Practice Locations?

You can choose 1 out of the 3 options provided to you. 

Option A:
If the physician will be practicing in General Internal Medicine, Family Practice, General Pediatrics, Geriatrics, OB/GYN or Adult /Child Psychiatry – AND -The area or site where the physician will be practicing is located in, or serves one or more of the following:

  • Federally-Designated Primary Care or Mental Health Professional Shortage Area(s) HPSA
  • Medically Underserved Area(s) – MUA, or
  • Medically Underserved Population(s) – MUP

To identify if a facility is located in a HPSA, MUA or MUP (or is designated as a HPSA), please follow this link.
The website will require you to enter the address under consideration. The resulting search should yield all HPSA’s, MUA’s and MUP’s by status, in which the address is located.

Option B:
If the physician will be practicing in General Internal Medicine, Family Practice, General Pediatrics, Geriatrics, OB/GYN and Adult or Child Psychiatry – AND -The area or site where the physician will be practicing is located in a rural county or town.
Read more here about what towns and counties qualify.

Option C:
Subspecialists can be eligible under this option, and to be used if not eligible under options A or B. To identify if the site where the physician is working is an underserved area must complete THIS QUESTIONNAIRE and:

  • Answer YES to any (6) items from the survey.
  • Be sure to review and complete all (17) questions, print off and upload as Attachment 9 in the Grants Gateway online application (see below) AND provide supporting documentation for each item.

How Do I Apply? Read Instructions Here


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