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   How Does the Physician Payment Sunshine Act Impact You?

   Presented on October 7, 2014
   12:00 noon - 1:00 pm
   Presenter: Brian French, Esq. Nixon Peabody

Topics to Include:
The requirements of , and information to be disclosed under, the Physician Payment Sunshine Act and "Open Payments" program ;Important Developments and trends regarding public access to Medicare payment information; The legal risks and practical implications arising from increased transperency of health care provider payment information and the steps providers can take to minimize risks and ensure   compliance

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   Understanding the Changes in ABIM's Maintenance of Certification Program

    Presented on September 16, 2014
    12:00 noon - 1:00 pm
    Presenter: Kevin Caviston

 In an effort to help NYACP members understand the recent changes to the American Board of Internal Medicine's (ABIM) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program impact them, ABIM staff member   Kevin Caviston will give a presentation focused on the MOC program and will discuss the reasons behind the changes to the program, how the changes impact board-certified physicians and identify ways in which physicians can meet the MOC requirements

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New Posting! In Search of Joy  in Practice: Innovations in Ambulatory Care
Presented on September 9, 2014
7:00-8:00 pm
Presenter: Christine Sinsky, MD, FACP


Board Certified Internist - Medical Associates Clinic and Health Plans, Dubuque IA
AMA Advisory Council for Physician Career Satisfaction and Practice Sustainability
Course Objectives: (1) Describe proactive planned care, with pre-visit planning
and pre-visit laboratory tests (2) Discuss sharing clinical care among a team, with expanded rooming protocols, standing orders and panel management

(3) Improve clinical tasks using collaborative documentation (scribing), non-physician order
entry and streamlined prescription management and (4) Improving communication by verbal messaging and in-box management.

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David Heisig, MD, FACPColorectal Cancer Screening Webinar
Presented on February 26, 2014
12:00 noon - 1:00 pm

This webinar is designed to assist physicians in improving colorectal cancer screening rates within their practices.
By utilizing a marketing model to promote more effective use of preventive medicine, this learning session explores the
available screening tools, the appropriate population for screening, delivery of care and quality assurance.
The presenter,
David Heisig, MD, FACP is Medical Director for MVP Health Care in Syracuse and is the NYACP Syracuse District
President. Dr. Heisig is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology.

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The Clinical Role in Pain Management and New Regulatory Requirements Regarding Your Prescribing of Controlled Substances: What Internists Need to Know
Presented live on August 7,  2013
7:00pm - 8:00pm ET

1. Learn appropriate pain assessment and management with opioids and adjuvant analgesics including medication selection, titration, and conversion.
2.Review NYS controlled substance changes that impact your practice.
3. Receive instructions on how to comply with the new requirements for all controlled substance prescriptions effective August 27, 2013.

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New York Health Plan Marketplace (Open to all members and non-members)
August 14, 2013
6:30pm - 7:30pm ET

Objectives: Hear the latest on the implementation of the state's Exchange, and how physicians can best prepare to assist their patients in accessing this new marketplace for health insurance coverage.

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NYS Palliative Care Laws
June 16, 2013
10:00am - 11:30am ET

Objective: Understand the requirements and the differences between the NYS Palliative Care Information Act and Palliative Care Access Act for meaningful discussions with patients.

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June 12, 2013
6:30pm - 7:30pm ET

Objective: Review the statute, reporting requirements and discuss concerns that physicians may have.

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TeamSTEPPS - A Patient Safety Tool 
April 17, 2013
1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

1. Review of AHRQ Priorities and Patient Safety Resources
2. Overview and History of TeamSTEPPS
3. Current Implementation of new learning modules

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Reducing Readmissions
February 5, 2013
1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

Objective: Recognize the concern about hospital readmissions from a Federal, State and local level and identify best practices to reduce readmissions

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Digital Transformation of MOLST
October 25, 2012
12:00pm - 1:00pm ET

1. List the key functionality of New York’s eMOLST application
2. Explain how eMOLST improves provider satisfaction, clinical and legal outcomes and serves as a system-based solution;
3. Demonstrate the secure web-based eMOLST application highlighting key quality and patient safety features and eMOLST Training Tools

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