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Join the 31,000 Fellows worldwide and More than 2,500 in New York State!

Fellowship in the College is a public mark of excellence from colleagues that recognizes excellence in the profession of internal medicine. It signifies a physician's enduring dedication to the profession, patients, and community.  The FACP credential tells colleagues, patients, and other professionals that a recipient upholds the highest clinical standards and ethical ideals, serves as a leader, advocates responsible positions, and educates other physicians and trainees.

Elections are held 5 times each year (July, September, November, January and March) and the peer review process takes approximately 8-10 weeks to complete.


  • is a mark of distinction recognized by physicians and patients
  • signifies professional credibility
  • enhances and advances career opportunities
  • opens opportunities for leadership at NYACP and ACP
  • allows members to serve as a sponsor for other candidates for Fellowship (FACP)

Pathways to Fellowship

Criteria for Fellowship

  • At least 3 years’ experience post residency training
  •  ACP member in good standing for at least 3 full consecutive years
  •  Board certified in internal medicine or neurology
  •  Active medical license in good standing
  •  Teaching, either institutional or community-based
  • Activity in at least one of the following: Scholarship, Leadership, Continuing Education, ACP Participation

Information and Resources

Congratulations New Fellows (2023)

Bernardo A Acevedo-Mendez, MD FACP
Muhammad Saleem Akhter, MD FACP
Hadeel Alkhairw, MD FACP
Stacy Lee Anderson, MD FACP
Oluyemisi O Ariyibi, MD FACP
Abdelhamid Ben Selma, MD FACP
Muhammad Bhatty, DO FACP
Ruth B Bledsoe Pearlman, MD FACP
William W Blymire, MD FACP
Stephen G. Chrzanowski, MD FACP
Supreet Dhaliwal, MD FACP
Deborah P Edelman, MD FACP
Moronkeji Fagbemi, MD FACP
Samira S Farouk, MD FACP
Abdullah M Firoze Ahmed, MD FACP

Enisa Goljo, MD FACP
Tehseen Haider, MBBS FACP
Jennifer Heinen, MD FACP
Jennifer Hensley, MD FACP
Sara Huda, MD FACP
Varun Jain, MD FACP
Jiyeon Jung, MD FACP
Diane C Kantaros, MD FACP
Theodore N Keltz, MD FACP
Sunniya Khan, MD FACP
Rupesh Khanal, MD FACP
Balakumar Krishnarasa, MD FACP
Rahul Kurapati, MD FACP
Grace N La Torre, DO FACP
Brian R Landzberg, MD FACP

Dana Larsen, MD FACP
Theresa F Madaline, MD FACP
Nadia Malik, MBBS FACP
Mary C Mallappallil, MD FACP
Kaushik Mandal, MD FACP
Manuel Martinez, Jr, MD FACP
Jamie Noelle Mersten, MD FACP
Moghniuddin Mohammed, MD FACP
Nadia M Mustafa, MBBS FACP
LCDR Hiroki Nishimura, MD FACP
Sandra K Oza, MD FACP
Justin Poon, MD FACP
David C Portnoy, MD FACP
Raphael Rabinowitz, MD FACP
Dipti Ravindranath, MD FACP

Brendan W Robinson, MD FACP
Meghan R Rochester, MD FACP
Luqman O Salahudeen, MBBS FACP
Miguel A Saldivar, MD FACP
Alamgir Sattar, MD FACP
Abdul Sattar, MD FACP
Rifka Schulman-Rosenbaum, MD FACP
Nicholas R Sells, MD FACP
Gulru Sharifova, MD FACP
Navjot Somal, MBBS FACP
Qurat-ul-Ain Syedain, MD FACP
Xin Tan, MD FACP
Carlos M Vaamonde, MD FACP
Maria Velasquez, MD FACP
Kaveh Zivari, MD FACP

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