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MLMIC Releases Proactive Risk Management Follow-Up Program VI

As part of MLMIC's ongoing commitment to helping physicians and other healthcare practitioners improve the quality of patient care and reduce potential liability exposure in their practices, a new online risk management CME program, Proactive Risk Management Follow-Up Program VI (Follow-Up VI), has been developed for MLMIC policyholders and is now available at

In this program, expert physicians, healthcare attorneys and MLMIC Claims and Risk Management representatives discuss issues in risk management currently affecting physicians, including liability risks related to the use of advertising, electronic medical records, and voice recognition software.  High-exposure liability claims associated with errors in diagnosis and strategies to prevent these claims are reviewed.  Challenging patient behaviors that can impact the physician-patient relationship are presented and recommendations are made to reduce potential liability exposure.  Lastly, Follow-Up VI addresses recent trends in back disorder claims, including findings from
the PIAA Data Sharing Project presented by their Director of Research and Risk Management.

In addition to its educational value, Follow-Up VI allows physicians to earn CME credit and eligibility to participate in the New York State excess medical malpractice insurance program.  For further information, contact MLMIC's Risk Management Department at (212) 576-9601.

MLMIC's Dateline Publication - Spring 2015 Volume 14 Number 1 ... Now Available

5 Percent Dividend Announced for All MLMIC Policyholders!

MLMIC's Board of Directors recently approved a 5 percent dividend for all MLMIC policyholders insured as of May 1, 2015.  This dividend comes on the heels of the 7.5% special dividend that was recently distributed to policyholders.  The 2015
dividend will be issued by June 1 to dentists; and on July 1 to physicians, extenders, hospitals and other healthcare facilities that maintain continuous coverage through July 1.  >> Read More

MLMIC Declares 7.5% Special Dividend

MLMIC is pleased to announce a 7.5% Special Dividend for all of our policyholders!

MLMIC’s president, Dr. Robert Menotti, said that dividends “provide meaningful financial relief to our policyholders,” and that “they are an integral part of our mission to provide high-quality insurance at low long-term cost.”  Since inception, MLMIC has returned over $300 million in dividends to our policyholder owners.

To qualify for this 7.5% Special Dividend, policyholders must be insured by MLMIC on February 1, 2015. The dividend will be applied to policyholder accounts on March 1.  Questions? Contact Us today.

Understanding Dividends

Policyholder dividends are a direct way of providing financial relief to the policyholders of an insurance company.  >>Read More

Surprise Visits from Government Investigators and Agents

It can be quite unsettling to have a government investigator appear unannounced in your office demanding copies of patient records or even an interview with you or your office staff.  >>Read More

Study:  Medical Errors Drop When Doctors Communicate

Effective communication is imperative in ensuring patient safety, especially during patient handoffs.  >>Read More

New MLMIC CME Modules Available Online

The second series of MLMIC CME Modules are now available through .  >>Read More

5 Areas of Concern for Physician Offices - Part 1

As part of the ongoing risk management activities performed by MLMIC, 43 medical office practice surveys were conducted over the past two years.  >>Read More

The Latest Advice In Practice Management

4 Strategies to Increase Patient Safety and Reduce Risk
In recognition of National Patient Safety Awareness Week, we encourage all our insureds to identify ways to improve patient safety and reduce risk.  >>Read More

Alternative to Certified Mail
Whenever you must send an important communication to a patient, it must be in writing and sent by means of a reliable delivery method.  In the past, many significant written communications, discharge letters, or warning letters to noncompliant patients would be sent to the patient by certified mail, return receipt requested.  The certified mail process requires a signature from the patient or another person who lives at the address, thus providing evidence that the commmunication was, in fact, received.Unfortunately, not only has the cost of certified mail dramatically increased, but ...
>>Read More

Update on Physician Assistant Prescribing Authority
The Spring 2014 Issue of Dateline discussed the rules governing the professional practice of physician assistants (PAs).  In the article Physician Assistants:  A Risk-Benefit Analysis, it was stated that PAs could not prescribe any Schedule II controlled substance, citing 10 NYCRR §94.2(e)(5) (page 3, footnote 10).  On February 26, 2014, a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking was published in the New York State Register proposing to remove this restriction.  As of this writing…
>>Read More


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  • UPDATE:  One Year Delay for E-Prescribing
  • 4 Strategies to Increase Patient Safety and
    Reduce Risk
  • Another Endorsement for MLMIC!

Risk Management Tip of the Month:

Tip #7:  Safely Caring for Obese Patients in the Office Practice Setting
The Risk:  Obesity is a serious health issue of epic proportion in the United States.  Physicians' offices may not be well equipped to accommodate obese patients.  Injuries can occur if appropriate equipment is not available to care for these patients.  Further, bias or ambivalence by the healthcare team in treating obese patients can negatively affect patient care and lead to poor outcomes.

Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC) was formed in 1975, in cooperation with the Medical
Society of the State of New York (MSSNY).  It is a mutual professional liability insurance company, which
means that it is owned by the healthcare providers it insures. Headquartered in New York City, MLMIC has
field representatives throughout the State, as well as three regional offices located in Syracuse,
East Meadow, and the Albany area.

Management and direction of MLMIC is accomplished through a Board of Directors, comprised of physicians,
dentists, and hospital administrators.  Policyholders have full voting rights on management issues. MLMIC is
an active participant in the national organization, Physician Insurers Association of America (PIAA), and has
been a leading force in development of risk management programs and systems, cause of loss identification,
and patient safety education.                                         

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