2013 Legislative Agenda

Access to Care

  • Provide physician input into the development and implementation of New York’s Health Benefit Exchange.
  • Ensure expansion of physician workforce capacity through continued funding of graduate medical education and physician loan forgiveness, scholarships, practice start-up and ambulatory care training support.
  • Ensure that efforts to accelerate pilot testing and adoption of the Patient Centered Medical Home and other innovative integrated care models across all payers include non-institutional settings and provide technical support to physician practices.
  • Encourage Medicaid reimbursement of primary care rates at Medicare levels beyond 2015.

Quality of Care and Patient Safety

  • Seek new opportunities to improve quality through enhanced care coordination and team-based care models.
  • Promote methods to increase patient safety including education on human factors that can contribute to errors and voluntary reporting of near-miss events. 
  • Promote development of outcomes-based methodologies that encourage and support enhanced quality of patient care.
  • Encourage specialty-established, evidence-based quality measures, guidelines, and practice standards, among physicians and patients as measures of health care quality.
  • Support programs that address gaps in care transitions between various healthcare settings.
  • Address medical liability reform and encourage alternative systems for dispute resolution in medical liability cases, including models such as health courts and workers’ compensation or no-fault systems.

Public Health and Health Care Delivery

  • Encourage and support evidence-based patterns of practice that help achieve an appropriate balance between population health and individual well-being using principles of high-value, cost-conscious care.
  • Advocate for improvement of the care experience, better population health and reduced total cost of care.
  • Support programs that address chronic disease care management through prevention, screening and promotion of healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Support the establishment of an All Payer Database (APD) and standardization of processes that will simplify and reduce the administrative burden on physician practices.
  • Support a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing pending further environmental review and oversight by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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