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10.28.2020 Implicit Bias Story Slam

Thank you for your interest in submitting a story for the NYACP Virtual District Event on October 28, 2020.  Here are a few things to know prior to submitting your story:

1.  A story slam event celebrates storytelling  and provides learning opportunities by inviting participants to verbally share brief stories with an audience.

2.  Topic for the stories: My experience with unconscious bias in healthcare.  We encourage stories from experiences as a patient or as a physician treating a patient. 

3.  Story Length:  up to 5 minutes.  This time limit will be strictly enforced.

4.  Submission Deadline: September 23, 2020

By participating in the event, you are agreeing to sign over copyright for the audio/video recordings. If you have any concerns about these conditions, please contact Amanda Allen at aallen@nyacp.org. 
If you cannot mask the identity of others mentioned in your story, you will need to obtain permission from them prior to the event to identify them in your story. If it is necessary for you to obtain such permission, please contact us for a form that you can use to be sure you appropriately inform those identified. We need your assurance that you obtained permission and could provide documentation of that permission in the event that ACP needs that documentation.

Tips for preparing your story:  http://thenocturnists.com/what-we-are-looking-for

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