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Develop your leadership path and get involved by serving on the Chapter's various committees and task forces.  A committee has permanent standing, whereas a task force meets as needed to address specific, time-limited issues.  Most committees and task forces meet at least two times per year via conference call.

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*These committees and task forces are not currently accepting volunteers


ACP Awards and Nominations Committee*

The ACP Awards and Nominations Committee is composed of the Chapter’s Executive Committee members.  This Committee selects nominees for ACP National Awards and Mastership.

     Chair: Current Chapter President
     NYACP Staff: Karen LaBello, CMP

Budget and Finance Committee*

The Budget and Finance Committee serves both of the Chapter’s corporations and includes the C-3 and C-6 Treasurers in addition to other non-officer members.  The Committee meets to oversee Chapter finances, draft and recommend an annual budget to the Council/Board, and review recommendations received from the Chapter’s accounting and investment experts.

     Chair: Inderpal Chhabra, MD, FACP
     Vice Chair: Terence Brady, MD, MACP
     NYACP Staff: Loretta Ponesse, CAE

Bylaws Committee*

The Bylaws Committee meets on an ad hoc basis as needed to review and update the Chapter’s bylaws, make recommendations for approval of changes to the Council/Board.

         Chair: John Hall, MD, FACP
         Vice Chair:  Razia Jayman- Aristide, MD, FACP
         NYACP Staff: Loretta Ponesse, CAE

Early Career Physicians Committee

The goals of the Early Career Committee are to enhance the professional development and quality of life for young physicians, fostering their involvement in Chapter activities, while ensuring current needs are being met.

     Chair: Harvir Gambhir, MD, FACP
     Vice Chair:  Marc Braunstein, MD, FACP
     NYACP Staff: Karen LaBello, CMP

Education Committee

The Education Committee will meet to primarily plan but also promote the Chapter’s Annual Scientific Meeting.

     Chair: Chris Elsayad, MD, FACP
     Vice Chair: Todd Simon, MD, FACP
     Co-Vice Chair: John Hall, MD, FACP
     NYACP Staff: Karen LaBello, CMP

Health and Public Policy Committee

The Health and Public Policy Committee's mission is to advocate for our patients, our members and the medical profession; monitor, develop and act on legislative, regulatory and public policy developments in the area of health care delivery, focus on issues that impact the provision of high quality and cost effective care to patients, Internal Medicine practice, public health and medical education; formulate and make recommendations on the legislative agenda and advocacy program; and review and make recommendations on resolutions generated by Chapter members, districts, council members, committee and governors.

     Chair: Kellin King, MD, FACP
     Vice Chair: Nandini Anandu, MD, FACP
     NYACP Staff: Loretta Ponesse, CAE and Amanda Allen

Liaison Committee

The Liaison Committee Chair serves as the chapter's official delegate to the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) and works with other professional and specialty organizations to create a forum for common issues and concerns.

     Chair: John Maese, MD, MACP
     Vice Chair: Inderpal Chhabra, MD, FACP
     NYACP Staff: Loretta Ponesse, CAE

Medical Student Committee

The Medical Student Committee meets as needed to plan and execute educational and membership programs for NYACP medical student members.

     Chair:  Matsuko Takeshige, MD, FACP
     Vice Chair: Keith LaScalea, MD, FACP
     Medical Student Council Board Representative:  Amanda Greco
     NYACP Staff: Izaiah Wright

Member Engagement Committee

The Member Engagement Committee's top priorities include membership recruitment, retention, and advancement to fellowship.   The Committee monitors membership statistics and makes recruitment and retention recommendations to the Council for action and implementation. 

     Chair: Lana Vardianian, MD, FACP
     Vice Chair:  Abdelhamid Ben Selma, MD, FACP
     NYACP Staff: Tasha Mathew

NYACP Chapter Awards Committee

Accepts nominations to select members members for formal recognition who have distinguished themselves in service to the NY Chapter, their institution, their patients, their community, and/or the general public.

     Co-Chairs:  John Hall, MD, FACP and Todd Simon, MD, FACP
     NYACP Staff:  Karen LaBello, CMP

Residents/Fellows Committee

The Resident/Fellows Committee will meet as needed to plan and execute educational and membership programs for NYACP resident/fellow members.

     Chair: Viren Kaul, MD, FACP
     Vice Chair:  Raphael Rabinowitz, MD, FACP
     NYACP Staff: Karen LaBello, CMP

Well Being Committee

The Well-Being Committee will assess tools and resources to address burnout and well-being, conduct educational programs across the state, partner with other organizations to foster regional programs that enhance well-being and professional satisfaction and make recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding sustainability of these efforts.  Members of this task force are trained ACP Well-Being Champions who can work “to assist … members, practices and organizations in combating burnout and informing them of [ACP’s] national efforts to improve the practice environment.”

     Chair: Cori Salvit, MD, FACP
     Vice Chair:  Jennifer Heinen, MD, FACP
     NYACP Staff: Amanda Allen

Task Forces

Climate Change Task Force

The Climate Change Task Force is charged with assessing and reviewing the availability and quality of climate change education and advocacy resources, with a focus on those provided by ACP. In addition, the Climate Change Task Force aims to propose and orchestrate educational and advocacy initiatives.

     Chair: Evan Siau, MD, FACP
     Vice Chair:  Charles Lopresto, DO
     NYACP Staff:  Tasha Mathew

District Activities

Each of the New York Chapter's 16 Districts has an appointed District President (DP) and is charged with planning and executing local events and activities. The DP often works with a local Planning Committee and other local Chapter leaders.

     Chair: Local Statewide District Presidents
     NYACP Staff: Izaiah Wright and Tasha Mathew

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force

NYACP recognizes diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential to the pursuit of our mission. The Chapter will actively work to achieve these objectives through member recruitment, engagement and recognition; sponsorship and mentorship; leadership development; volunteerism; and training in cultural competency.

     Chair: Moro Salifu, MD, MACP
     Vice Chair:  Camile Gooden, MD, FACP
     NYACP Staff: Loretta Ponesse, CAE and Izaiah Wright

Geriatrics and Palliative Care Task Force

The mission of the Geriatrics Task Force is to keep the HPP Committee abreast of public health, legislative and public policy developments in geriatric care which address the complex needs of older people, focusing on health promotion and the prevention and treatment of disease.  The task force focuses on issues that impact quality of patient care, Internal Medicine practice, public health and medical education.

     Chair: Daniel King, MD, FACP
     Vice Chair: Jennifer Hensley, MD, FACP
     NYACP Staff: Izaiah Wright

IMG Work Group

The IMG Work Group works with Chapter members on IMG projects.

     Chair: Olanrewaju O. Esan, MD, FACP
     NYACP Staff: Loretta Ponesse, CAE and Tasha Mathew

Resolutions Task Force

The Resolutions Task Force works with Chapter members to mentor the development of resolutions for formal action.

     Chair: Charles LoPresto, MD
     Vice Chair: Douglas DeLong, MD, MACP
     NYACP Staff: Loretta Ponesse, CAE and Amanda Allen

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