First Step In Complying With the I-STOP Act

Posted: 06/10/2013
Category: I-STOP

Effective August 27, 2013 New York State Public Health Law requires most prescribers of controlled substances to consult* New York’s online Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Registry through the Health Commerce System( HCS). The HCS is also used to order official NYS prescriptions and for important public health updates, pandemic and epidemic notifications and for patient informational resources.

The law is intended to help physicians gain a better understanding of a patient’s controlled substance utilization across prescribers.

In order to comply with the law physicians MUST establish a Health Commerce Account first. New accounts are typically established within two weeks, however we suggest that you do not wait to register for your account as there will be an influx of requests as the date approaches. Note: If you already order NYS official scripts, you already have an HCS account.

Step-by-Step instructions on how to register for an account and how to access the PMP registry are available on the Chapter’s I-STOP Resource Webpage:

More detailed information will be in future issues.


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