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“Doctors Across New York” A Vital Program for our Future

Posted: 02/13/2014
Category: Doctors Across New York

NYACP held a series of meetings at the State Capital last week along with representatives from several state healthcare organizations as part of the Physician Workforce Advisory Group (WAG).  Meetings focused on the need for continued support and expansion of funding of DANY (Doctors Across New York).  Several DANY award recipients were present to tell the story of how they settled into a community and began their medical career with the assistance of this vital State-funded program.

DANY was designed to promote recruitment and retention of physicians providing care to underserved populations across New York. We met with State Senators and Assembly Representatives to discuss the benefits of a strong primary care foundation in the State.  Legislators were actively engaged about the looming physician shortage, especially in primary care, the increase in insured patients due to New York’s health Benefit Exchange, and the need for a solid primary care workforce to keep New Yorkers healthy.   In addition to DANY, the WAG also promoted the continued funding of the PCSC (Primary Care Service Corps) to support the growth of allied health providers to increase effective care teams.

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