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MLMIC's July 2019 Case Review Publication
This issue of MLMIC's Case Review can be obtained in print (PDF) or, for the first time, as a podcast which will allow policyholders and non-policyholders alike to listen to an audio version of each case study and its accompanying legal and risk management analysis.  The cases in this issue include:

  • Case Study #1:  Gastroenterologist and Hospital Absolved after Disastrous Outcome
  • Case Study #2:  Poor Communication Regarding Medical Management Results in Patient Death

MLMIC's June 2019 Albany Report

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MLMIC's Spring 2019 Dateline

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MLMIC Research Library

The MLMIC Research Library's services are available to all policyholders on a complimentary basis.  MLMIC owns a large collection of medical malpractice risk management book and DVD titles that can be borrowed for up to a five week loan.  Some recent additions include:

  • Legal manual for New York physicians
  • 2019 hospital accreditation standards
  • 2019 standards for ambulatory care
  • ASHRM health care claims and litigation playbook
  • The EMTALA answer book 2018
  • HIPAA compliance handbook 2018
  • Long Term Care State Operations Manual
  • Theft prevention guide for senior living


NYACP continues to endorse MLMIC as a membership benefit because, for over 40 years, the Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC) has put the interests of policyholders first. Their mission has always been to provide the highest quality liability insurance at the lowest possible cost consistent with long term viability.

MLMIC charges premiums that are specialty and territory specific, without a profit motive or high operating expenses.  When MLMIC’s financial results turn out better than expected, dividends are shared with policyholder holders. To help the insured avoid claims, effective risk management programs are developed that provide CME credits, a 5% premium discount, and the opportunity to qualify for free excess insurance funded by New York State.  For policyholders that get a claim, MLMIC vigorously defends the standard of care, closing the vast majority of cases without a loss payment.

Today, MLMIC is the leading medical and dental liability insurer in New York State, and they insure approximately 15,000 physicians, 5,000 mid-level and allied health practitioners, 4,000 dentists, and 40 hospitals. MLMIC remains a mutual insurer owned by their policyholders.  If you want an insurance carrier that truly looks out for you, please visit or call (800) ASK-MLMIC.

Healthcare Weekly

Read the latest MLMIC Insurance Company news - plus other relevant and valuable industry articles.

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MLMIC Risk Management Tip #25:

Tip #25:  Managing Negative Online Reviews

The Risk:  Healthcare providers recognize that along with their practice websites, public websites such as Yelp, Healthgrades, and Rate MDs, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, can be used as marketing tools to inform the public of their services.  The online community, however, is then afforded an opportunity to respond, rate, and, at times, complain about those services.  These statements and reviews are readily accessible to anyone with an internet-ready device to open and read.

While there is a basic instinct to immediately respond to negative online reviews, healthcare providers must remember that privacy rules make a complete response via social media inappropriate, and responding directly to an online post puts the healthcare provider at risk of disclosing protected health information (PHI).  Your response may not contain any identifying statements, but the mere recognition of a patient-provider relationship is a potential HIPAA violation.

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MLMIC's March 2019 Case Review Publication
This issue of MLMIC's Case Review newsletter features the following cases:

  1. Summary Judgment Granted to Internist after Patient Expires
  2. Lost Medical Records Result in Severe Allergic Reaction

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AM Best Assigns Credit Ratings to MLMIC Insurance Company
AM Best has assigned a Financial Strength Rating of A+ (Superior) and a Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating of
"aa-" to MLMIC Insurance Company (MLMIC) (New York, NY).  The outlook assigned to these Credit Ratings is
stable.  >>Read More

MLMIC's Fall 2018 Dateline 

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MLMIC's Fall 2018 Case Studies 

The Fall 2018 edition of  Case Review - a review of case studies for MLMIC insured physicians and facilities - is now available for reading online.  There are two case studies in this issue:

(1)  Case Study #1:  "Procedural Deviations Result in Incorrect Hodgkin's Lymphoma Diagnosis" - this case details what happens when physicians fail to communicate regarding a patient diagnosis.
(2)  Case Study #2:  "Multiple Communication Failures Contribute to Death From Aortic Aneurysm" - this case details the critical importance of communication and documentation, especially when treating a consistently non-compliant patient.

Both case studies are followed by a legal risk management perspective.  >>Read Case Studies

MLMIC Joins Berkshire Hathaway Family of Companies

MLMIC has announced the official completion of its conversion from a mutual company to a stock company and its acquisition by National Indemnity Company, a subsidiary of Berkhire Hathaway.  The cash consideration resulting from the conversion will be paid out to eligible policyholders as promptly as practicable.  >>Read More

MLMIC's Summer 2018 Case Review Publication

A review of case studies, for MLMIC insured physicians and facilities, is available for online reading.  There are two case studies in this issue, and both cases are followed by a legal and risk management perspective.

(1)  Case Study #1:  The Importance of Protocols for Dealing with Noncompliant Patients - This case details what happens when an internist and a psychiatrist fail to communicate with each other to coordinate their patient's care.

(2)  Case Study #2:  Lack of Communication Between Treating Physicians is a Serious Detriment to Patient Care -   In this case, failure to file a discrepancy report results in a delayed diagnosis of breast cancer.

To access the Summer 2018 Case Review, click HERE.

MLMIC Announces New CME Modules Addressing Diagnostic Errors

MLMIC has recently announced that a new series of CME modules addressing diagnostic errors is now available online.

High Exposure Liability: Errors in Diagnosis – Parts I & II feature a physician expert and a defense attorney discussing high exposure liability claims associated with errors in diagnosis. The top medical factors that contribute to diagnostic errors are reviewed, and strategies to prevent claims are outlined. A case study analysis illustrates the key medical and legal issues that impact the outcome of a diagnostic error claim. Risk management strategies to help physicians improve the quality of patient care and reduce their potential liability risk are also provided.

To learn more about MLMIC’s CME modules, including how to register and view them, please click here or contact MLMIC.

MLMIC's New "Risk Protect"

Risk Protect is a proactive initiative designed for practices to actively address and aggressively manage specific areas of risk, at no cost to MLMIC policyholders.  By providing unique services such as on-site risk management surveys/audits and tailored/targeted risk management educational programs, Risk Protect enables MLMIC insureds to undertake self-protective measures to manage their risks, reduce exposures and prevent adverse outcomes.  For more information, contact MLMIC at 1-800-275-6564.

Dealing with Patients Who Have Compromised Driving Ability

One of the most difficult decisions an individual faces is whether and when to surrender his/her driver's license and stop driving.  In addition, physicians are often in a quandary regarding the extent to which they are obligated to report to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles when they believe a patient should not be operating a motor vehicle.  It is recommended that you take a few minutes to read this important and informative article.  >> Read More

What to Do When Patients Record Conversations with Their Patients

The use of cell phones by patients and families for the purpose of recording conversations with their healthcare providers is a topic of serious concern to many physicians.  >>Read More

Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC) was formed in 1975, in cooperation with the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY).  It is a mutual professional liability insurance company, which means that it is owned by the healthcare providers it insures. Headquartered in New York City, MLMIC has field representatives throughout the State, as well as three regional offices located in Syracuse, East Meadow, and the Albany area.

Management and direction of MLMIC is accomplished through a Board of Directors, comprised of physicians, dentists, and hospital administrators.  Policyholders have full voting rights on management issues. MLMIC is an active participant in the national organization, Physician Insurers Association of America (PIAA), and has been a leading force in development of risk management programs and systems, cause of loss identification, and patient safety education.                                         

Last Updated:  8.23.19

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