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NYACP represents over 2,000 medical students in New York. Together, we can help you define the right career path, participate in educational activities, connect with mentors and peers, learn the advocacy process and keep you up to date with social media and communications.

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NYACP 2017 Abstract Competition Results:

The results for the NYACP Abstract competition were sent to all program directors on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Please contact your program director to see if you abstract was accepted into the NYACP poster competition on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rochester, NY.

Competition Rules and Forms:

Winning Abstracts from New York at the IM17 Medical Student Abstract Competition: Congratulations!

Clinical Research

Risk of Neonatal Complications in Pregnant Women With Heart Disease
Amanda Owens, Stony Brook University Health Science Center, School of Medicine Stony Brook, NY

ACP's IM17 Medical Student Clinical Vignette Poster Winners

NYACP Resident and Medical Student Forum Winners

Saturday,  November 5, 2016
Mount Sinai Hospital
One Gustave L. Levy Place
New York, NY  10029

Medical Student Clinical Vignette

     1st  Place:     Zara Ilahi - Flushing Hospital Medical Center
     2nd Place:     Jin Guo - Catholic Health System, Buffalo
    3rd  Place:     Hoang Nhu Hua, MD - Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Medical Student Research

     1st  Place:     Ashish Bosukonda - Albany Medical College
     2nd Place:    Yan Leyfman - Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    3rd  Place:    Stephanie Jou - Albany Medical College

Medical Student Quality Improvement

     1st Place - Steven Matthews - Stony Brook Medical University

ACP IMpact

Check out the the article in the September issue of ACP's IMpact: My Kind of Medicine by Dr. Larry Phillips, MD, FACC, FACP, FASNC-
Governor for the Manhatten/Bronx Districts for  NYACP

April 2017 Impact
March 2017 Impact

Medical Student Perspective: 10 Keys to Succeeding in Medical School - check out the feature article in the ACP's Impact!

10. Showing up counts. Body and mind wellness are more linked than we realize at times. More...

Medical Student Perspective: 10 Tips on How to Be Happy in Medical School

To some fellow medical students, happiness may be shrugged off as a weak emotion or a last priority. Other medical students would say that happiness is the key to making the medical school experience memorable and positive. I believe that to be happy is a wonderful feeling, and when I am happy, I am more efficient, productive, and enthusiastic. <<read more

Medical Resident Perspectives: Letter to a New Medical Student

IMIG Update:

The ACP IMIG Sponsorship Program provides funding and resources to internal medicine interest groups in U.S. medical schools.
Sign your school up today for funding of an IMIG group:
ACP IMIG Application
 Have questions about the Internal Medicine Interest Group Sponsorship Program? Visit or e-mail

Roadmap to Residency: Understanding the Process of Getting Into Residency

The AAMC has published an updated version of the Roadmap to Residency, a guide to preparing for and applying to residency. The publication outlines resources to help medical students
find detailed information about residency programs, and includes data on specialties, when to take licensing exams, loan options, and the interview process.  Read More

Understanding Internal Medicine: A Guide for Medical Students

What is internal medicine? How is it different from other specialties? How is internal medicine training structured? What are the internal medicine subspecialties? Explore ACP's free resource: Understanding Internal Medicine: A Guide for Medical Students for more details on these key questions that will aid you in deciding on your career path.

Which Career Path in Internal Medicine is Right for You?

These articles contain information about careers in Internal Medicine and is designed for medical and pre-medical students.

Need a Mentor?

If you have specific questions about scheduling your summer preceptorships, getting through the match, and preparing for clerkships and residency interviews, search the database and find a mentor who can provide the guidance and information you need. Mentors are College members, including Program Directors, Clerkship Directors, Chairs of Medicine, and practicing internists, and residents. Be matched with one today!

Find A Residency Program

Search this interactive residency database for information on all internal medicine, medicine-pediatric, and other combined programs in the United States and Canada. You must be an ACP member and log in using your ACP User name and password to access the database.

Applying for a License in New York State


Abstract Competitions

NYACP sponsors local abstract competitions that offer you an opportunity to compete with your peers from across New York State.  You have the chance to collaborate with your program director, discuss your research or clinical experience and formally write an abstract for professional review. You can also include your submission on your CV as scholarly activity.

Advocacy Internship

The NYACP Medical Student Advocacy Internship is a four week internship designed to give fourth-year Medical Students hands-on experience in advocacy activities with a medical professional organization. Learn how to monitor legislation, analyze governmental policy relevant to public health as well as communicate with elected State appointed leaders. The elective is offered from January through June. Interested in public policy? Email us today.

Please note that preference is given to students going into general or subspecialty internal medicine.

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