NYACP Call for Nominations

New York Chapter ACP is soliciting nominations for 7 upcoming vacancies on the Council for three year terms beginning April 2024.

Nominations Process

The bylaws require that the President of the Chapter appoint a Nominations Committee comprised of members representing each of the Chapter’s regions where a vacancy is occurring and appoint the committee chair. The committee solicits input from current councilors, district presidents and members regarding potential candidates for open Council seats.  The nominee's mailing address and zip code on file with ACP's membership office must be in the district or region where the seat is open (see box below).

The Nominations Committee will then consider and evaluate all FACP and MACP candidates submitted for nomination. The committee will formulate a Slate of Nominations with one candidate for each open seat.

The Slate of Nominations will be distributed to the membership eligible to vote with a 30-day time frame for approval or alternative candidates to be nominated. Alternative candidates must submit the endorsement of 2.5% of the membership in the applicable District or Region.

The Council will review and approve the election of all non‐contested nominees. Ballots will be sent to the members of the District/Region for voting in contested elections, with final election by those ballots returned.

What is a Councilor Expected To Do?

Governance - Council members will attend three meetings of the Council/Board each year.  The Council is the formal decision-making body for all policy, service and fiscal decisions for the Chapter.

Communicate with Colleagues - The Council member, working along with the District President, is the liaison between leadership and local NYACP members. It is the responsibility of the council member to communicate to local colleagues the many programs and services provided by the Chapter.  The Councilor will provide feedback to the NYACP Council/Board on membership needs and emerging issues. All activities are supported by Chapter staff.

Promote Membership and Fellowship- Councilors are asked to become more involved in membership recruitment, retention and Advancement to ACP Fellowship.

Educational Planning - Councilors work with the District President to assist with local events, encourage member participation, and support the local internal medicine community.

7 Open Council Seats:

New Councilors will serve a three-year term on the Council/Board from April 2023-April 2026. 

See Regional/District map

  • Bronx District Councilor to replace Amit Saxena MD, FACP
  • Brooklyn District Councilor to replace Ofek Hai MD, FACP
  • Nassau West District Councilor to replace Tejas Patel MD, FACP
  • Nassau East District Councilor to replace Razia Jayman-Aristide MD, FACP
  • Hudson Valley Region Councilor-At-Large to replace Marie Lamsen MD, FACP
  • Hudson Valley Capital District Councilor to replace Anush Patel MD, FACP
  • Buffalo District Councilor to replace Daniel Molloy MD, FACP

The other 14 Council Seats whose terms continue are:               

  • Evan Siau MD, FACP -Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island Region Councilor-At-Large
  • Paul Kuperschmid MD, FACP  - Manhattan/Bronx Region Councilor-At-Large
  • Vasundhara Singh MD, FACP -Manhattan District Councilor
  • Cori Salvit MD, FACP -Manhattan District Councilor
  • Matsuko Takeshige  DO, FACP -Queens District Councilor
  • Anita Szerszen MD, FACP  - Staten Island District Councilor
  • Chris Elsayad MD, FACP - Long Island Region Councilor-At-Large
  • Camile Gooden MD, FACP - Suffolk District Councilor
  • Kelly Ramsey MD, FACP - Hudson Valley Central District Councilor
  • Viren Kaul MD, FACP  - Syracuse District Councilor
  • Smita Bakhai MD, FACP - Upstate Region Councilor-At-Large
  • Valentin Guset MD, FACP - Rochester District Councilor
  • Mohammad Samih MBBS, FACP -Southern Tier District Councilor

To Be Eligible:

•    The nominee must be a Fellow or Master of the College (FACP/MACP).
•    The nominee's ACP mailing address and zip code must be in the district or region where the seat is open.
•    Submit nomination(s) using NYACP Bio-Sketch Form only.
•    Individuals may nominate themselves.

How to Submit a Nomination:

Please submit the candidate’s name, and bio-sketch form to the Nominations Committee Chair ,Jitendra Barmecha, MD, FACP c/o Karen LaBello at klabello@nyacp.org
Deadline is September 18, 2023.

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