NYACP Newsletter: Your Chapter in Action (YCIA)  
September 5, 2019

The New York Chapter American College of Physicians is currently soliciting nominations for the following 7 Council positions … a 3-year term beginning April 2020:

          (1) Manhattan District Councilor to replace Sung Wu Sun MD FACP
          (2) Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island Region Councilor-At-Large
to replace Todd Simon MD FACP
          (3) Staten Island District Councilor to replace Gerald DiMaso MD FACP
          (4) Suffolk District Councilor to replace Paul Maccaro MD FACP
          (5) Hudson Valley Central District Councilor to replace Imtiaz Mallick MD FACP
          (6) Upstate Region Councilor-At-Large to replace Jeffrey Sneider MD FACP
          (7) Southern Tier District Councilor to replace Amr Shady MD FACP

More Information:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The nominee must be a FELLOW or MASTER of the College (FACP or MACP)
  • The nominee’s ACP mailing address and zip code must be in the district or region where the seat is open

How to Submit: 

  • A BioSketch Form (in lieu of a CV) MUST be used for all candidate submissions
  • Individuals may nominate themselves
  • A completed BioSketch Form can be submitted by mail to:  NYACP, ATT: Loretta Ponesse CAE, 744 Broadway, Albany NY  12207 or by email:  lponesse@nyacp.org or
  • Complete the Online Biosketch Form

The deadline to submit nominations to the Nominations Committee is Monday, September 30, 2019

Emergency Regulations for Granting Medical Exemptions from Immunizations

The New York State Department of Health recently issued emergency regulations to inform and assist physicians in granting medical exemptions under new state law which repealed non-medical exemptions for children attending school or daycare.
A series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the new law was issued on August 16, 2019 by the NYSDOH and in collaboration with the Office of Children and Family Services and the State Education Department.
Physicians who issue medical exemptions are now required to complete the applicable medical exemption form approved by the New York State Department of Health or New York City Department of Education, which specifically outlines the medical reason(s) that prevent a child from being vaccinated. Additionally, the regulations require physicians to outline specific justifications for each required vaccine in order to be able to grant an exemption.  Physicians can no longer just submit a signed statement to schools without having to document on an approved form indicating why an immunization(s) may be detrimental to a child’s health.
For more information, please reference: New School Vaccination Requirements in New York State and Immunization Laws and Regulations.

September is Women in Medicine Month

ACP and the New York Chapter are proud to promote and celebrate the accomplishments of women members during the month of September.  In addition to sharing female member achievements and hosting special programs, events and webinars, the College is conducting a special outreach to advance women members to Fellowship. The goal is to increase the number of Fellows among the ACP female member population.

Advancement to ACP Fellowship requires:

  • Three (3) years membership post internal medicine residency training (fellowship training counts)
  • Three most recent years paid dues prior to election
  • Board certification (may be waived)
  • License to practice medicine

In addition, CV’s MUST include strong activities in one or significant activities across the following areas:

  • Published articles (priority given to peer-reviewed journals)
  • Continuing medical education (examples include subspecialty training, recertification, advanced degrees)
  • Teaching in institutions, community hospitals and/or office-based to medical students, residents, allied health professionals
  • Leadership activities including committee participation, health advocacy, quality improvement, medical volunteerism

All NYACP members interested in ACP Fellowship and meeting the above listed eligibility criteria are invited to send a copy of their current CV to Loretta Ponesse CAE,  NYACP Assistant Executive Director, at (lponesse@nyacp.org).  In honor of Women in Medicine Month, female members are especially encouraged to participate in this ACP Fellowship Campaign.  Once received, the required initial eligibility review will be conducted by the potential candidate’s NYACP Regional Governor.


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