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Member Accomplishments

If you or a colleague you know has recently received local recognition, an award, or has been published in a scholarly journal, the Chapter wants to know!  Contact Loretta Ponesse @ lponesse@nyacp.org or call the NYACP office at (518) 427-0366.

Meet the New Masters and Fellows From New York
DecorativeFellowship in the College is an honor. Being an FACP® is a distinction earned from colleagues who recognize accomplishments and achievements over and above the practice of medicine. The most important considerations for ACP Fellowship are excellence and contributions made to both medicine and to the broader community in which the internist lives and practices.

ACP Bylaws state that Masters shall be Fellows who have been selected because of "integrity, positions of honor, impact in practice or in medical research, or other attainments in science or in the art of medicine." Masters must be highly accomplished persons demonstrating impact in practice, leadership, or in medical research. Evidence of their achievements can come from many types of endeavors such as renown within their field and/or ACP chapter, research, education, health care initiatives, volunteerism, administrative positions, care of patients, and service to their community.

Click here to listen to a message from ACP President, Dr. Robert McLean


Douglas DeLong, MD, MACP
Cooperstown, NY

Lawrence M. Phillips, MD, MACP
New York, NY


Hudson Valley Region

Lisa R Bardack, MD FACP
Nancy R Beran, MD FACP
Amanda S Carmel, MD FACP
Elizabeth J Chuang, MD FACP
Caroline DeFilippo, MD MPH FACP
Leroy Cordero Floyd, III MD FACP
Heather L Katz, DO FACP
Peter A Mynn, FACP MD
Jiwanjot Narula, MD FACP
Suresh Kumar Nayudu, MD FACP
Charles E O'Dowd, MD FACP
Sakina Ouedraogo Tall, MD FACP
Rajiv Pant, MD FACP
Sheira Schlair, MD FACP
Sahib Baljinder Singh, MD FACP
Joanna L Starrels, MD FACP
Vijaya K Vudathaneni, MBBS MD FACP
Khashayar Yazdanbakhsh, MD FACP

Upstate Region

Marie Aydelotte, MD FACP
Christos Fountzilas, MD FACP
Luigi A Giugno, MD FACP
Viren Kaul, MBBS FACP
Rajesh Kumar, MBBS MD FACP
Jeffrey J Lach, DO FACP
Alfred A Malomo, MBBS FACP
Anita Ray, MD FACP
Erik Rufa, MD FACP
Emily R Salib, MD FACP
Scott L Schabel, MD FACP
Pamela L Sloan, MD FACP
Kristine Tenebruso, MD FACP
Basil G Verghese, MD FACP

Long Island Region

Heba Aboshihata, MD FACP
Sophia Boulukos, MD FACP
Ngozi Kanu, MD FACP
Charles Kast, MD FACP
Vinu Kurian, MD FACP
David Marcus, MD FACP
Brigit Cherian Palathra, MD FACP
Magali M Parisien, MD FACP
Iuliana Shapira, MD FACP
Adina Valceanu, MD FACP
Xiaolei Zhu, MD FACP


Manhattan/Bronx Region 

Su S Aung, MD FACP
Jason H Dolinsky, MD FACP
Theodore Freilich, MD FACP
Ezra Gabbay, MD FACP
Justin M List, MD FACP
Aron J Mednick, MD FACP
Anatoly Meerovich, MD FACP
Ingo Mellinghoff, MD FACP
Azadeh Namakydoust, MD FACP
Camille O Napier, MD FACP
Antonio Napolitano, MD FACP
Megan E Rau, MD FACP
Dahlia Rizk, DO FHM FACP
Linus M Yoe, MD FACP


Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island Region

Kawser Uddin Ahmed, MD FACP
Vaithilingam Arulthasan, MD FACP
Sanath Dharmasena, MD FACP
Thayani Dhayaparan, MBBS FACP
Sharon A Foster, MD FACP
Nayla Z Idriss, MD FACP
Apoorva Jayarangaiah, MD FACP
Adam B Kirschenbaum, MD FACP
Marian Kolarsky, MD FACP
Lyndonna Marrast, MD FACP
Gobinda Pada Paul, MD FACP
Laurence L Rezkalla, MD FACP
Latif A Salam, MD FACP



Governor Cuomo Appoints SUNY Downstate President and Former ACP President Wayne J. Riley, MD, MPH, MBA, MACP to Newly-Formed Maternal Mortality Review Board -  As a member of board, Dr. Riley will be responsible for reviewing the cause of each maternal death in the state and for making recommendations to the New York State Department of Health on strategies for preventing future deaths and improving overall health outcomes for mothers in New York.  Congratulations, Dr. Riley!

Sister Katherine Seibert, MD, PhD, FACP, SC - Dr. Seibert (Nanuet, NY) has been recommended by the Creighton University Committee on Public Honors and Events as the recipient of the Alumni Merit Award for the School of Medicine.  The Alumni Merit Award recognizes outstanding alumni from each school and college.  It honors men and women who live life with high moral standards, guided by the Jesuit ideal of "women and men for and with others."  This award will be presented to Dr. Seibert on February 7, 2020 at the Evening of Honors during Founders week. 

In April 2018, Dr. Seibert was presented with The Dr. Thomas A. Dooley Award by the University of Notre Dame Alumni Association for her special work initiating and developing a quality cancer program in a county where there were no cancer services previously (Sullivan County, NY) and for her current compassionate medical care of the underservedShe was also honored with the Exemplar Award from the The Notre Dame Club of the Mid-Hudson Valley in May 2018. 

Congratulations, Dr. Seibert for the many years of dedicated service in providing medical care to many underseved and vulnerable patients in NY State!

Ankita Sagar, MD, FACP - Elected to Serve as a Representative on ACP's Council of Early Career Physicians (CECP) -  Dr. Sagar (Brooklyn, NY) will begin serving a three-year term at ACP's Internal Medicine Meeting 2020.  Ankita...congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment!

Paula Lester, MD, FACP and AARP Healthy Living - Dr. Lester (Roslyn, NY) shares her experience in a recent article entitled "Feeling Younger Could Help you Live Longer - How old you feel may be more important than your age"Great article - congratulations, Paula!

Niket Sonpal, MD, FACP and MSN|Lifestyle - Dr. Sonpal (Brooklyn, NY) shares his medical expertise on "6 foods guaranteed to make you gassy, according to a gastroenterologist".  Nice job ... way to go, Niket!

Congratulations NYACP Gertiatrics Task Force on the publication of your article entitled "The Looming Geriatrician Shortage:  Ramifications and Solutions" with SAGE Publishing and Journal of Aging and Health!  The Chapter extends it sincere thanks and appreciation to the following Task Force members for their hard work, contributions, dedication and determination:

  • Paula E. Lester, MD, FACP, CMD - Author and Task Force Chair
  • T. S. Dharmarajan, MD, MACP, AGSF, FRCP(E) - Author and Task Force Member
  • Eleanor Weinstein, MD, FACP - Author and Task Force Member
  • Leslie Algase, MD, FACP - Task Force Member
  • Sharon Brangman, MD, FACP - Task Force Member
  • Tina Dobsevage, MD, FACP - Task Force Member
  • Daniel King, MD, FACP - Task Force Member
  • John Maese, MD, MACP - Task Force Member
  • Ida Messana, MD, FACP - Task Force Member
  • Donna Seminara, MD, MACP - Task Force Member
  • Anita Szerszen, MD, FACP - Task Force Member
  • Pooja P. Vyas, DO - Task Force Member

Congratulations to Maria Torroella Carney, MD, FACP (NYACP Governor - Long Island Region)! -  Dr. Carney  was recently named one of Crain's 2019 Most Notable Women in Healthcare.  Crain's stated that "honorees include exceptional clinical and administrative leaders, entrepreneurs, health care providers, physicians and scientists".  Dr. Carney is the Medical Director for Post-Acute Services and Chief of the Geriatric Division at Northwell Health.   

New Masters, Fellows and Awardees from ACP's Internal Medicine Meeting 2019

  • Lynn Cleary, MD, MACP:  New ACP Master
  • Andrew Dunn, MD, MACP:  New ACP Master
  • Linda Efferen, MD, MACP:  New ACP Master
  • John LaRosa, MD, MACP:  New ACP Master
  • Donna Seminara, MD, MACP:  New ACP Master
  • Ruth Weinstock, MD, FACP:  Recipient - ACP Samuel Eichold II Memorial Award for Contributions in Diabetes
  • Joseph Fins, MD, MACP:  Recipient - ACP Nicholas E. Davies Memorial Scholar Award for Scholarly Activities in the Humanities and
    History of Medicine ("Davies Award")
  • John LaRosa, MD, MACP:  Recipient - ACP John Phillips Memorial Award for Outstanding Work in Clinical Medicine

Pictures from ACP Convocation 2019

Congratulations ACP Longtime Members!

The Chapter is pleased to congratulate and thank the following members who have maintained membership in ACP for 40 years or more years:

Louis Aledort, MD, MACP

Julian L. Ambrus, MD, FACP

George W. Benninger, MD, FACP

Henry Black, MD, MACP

Donald C. Blair, MD, FACP

Manfred Blum, MD, FACP

Bernard Boal, MD, FACP

Morton Coleman, MD, FACP

Barry Coller, MD, MACP

Paul J. Davis, MD, MACP

Harvey Dosik, MD, MACP

Lawrence Faltz, MD, MACP

Paul Gitman, MD, MACP

Warren Glaser, MD, FACP

Morton Gluck, MD, FACP

Anthony Grieco, MD, MACP

C. Maynard Guest, MD, FACP

Robert Holzman, MD, FACP

Norman Javitt, MD, FACP

Sandra Kammerman, MD, FACP

Howard Kerpen, MD, FACP

Edgar Lichstein, MD, FACP

Arthur Lindner, MD, FACP

Lionel Mailloux, MD, FACP

William Manger, MD, FACP

Raymond E. Phillips, MD, FACP

Richard Pierson, MD, FACP

Kanti Rai, MD, FACP

Michael J. Reichgott, MD, FACP

Lawrence Scharer, MD, FACP

John H. Sipple, MD, FACP

Harry Spiera, MD, FACP


If you or a colleague have been a College member for 40 or more years, please let us know by contacting Loretta Ponesse by email (lponesse@nyacp.org).

2018 Chapter Laureate Award Recipients:

  • John Fudyma, MD, FACP - Upstate Region
  • John Hall, MD, FACP - Upstate Region
  • Susan Lane, MD, FACP - Long Island Region
  • Michael LoCurcio, MD, FACP - Manhattan Bronx Region
  • Todd Simon, MD, FACP - Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island Region

    Pictures from ACP Convocation 2018

Below are some our members' most recent accomplishments:

Sima Pendharkar, MD, FACP - Dr. Pendharkar was recently named a Top Hospitalist for 2017 by the American College of Physicians for her work in using technology to engage patients. As CEO and founder of Valeet Healthcare, her own health IT company, she is working to streamline diagnosis by using data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to process and synthesize information “so that doctors can focus on the important piece, which is interacting with the patient and making those connections,” she said. To read more about her nomination and work, please click here. Congratulations Dr. Pendharkar!

Lynn Cleary, MD, FACP, Current NYACP Co-President, recently received the Alpha Omega Alpha Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) annual meeting November 5 in Boston. The award recognizes faculty members who have distinguished themselves in medical education. Dr. Cleary is Professor of Medicine and SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor. Below is the video detailing her award. Congratulations, Dr. Cleary!

Nick Fitterman, MD, FACP, Immediate Past Chapter President, whose “invited Commentary” was published in the December 12, 2016 online JAMA Internal Medicine on the subject of “Why Oxygen is Not Necessary for All STEMIs" << Read the Abstact and First Page here

Salvatore Volpe, MD, FACP - Dr. Volpe will receive the  Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) Patient-Centered Medical Home Practice Award for his outstanding dedication to promoting a coordinated health care system that achieves improved quality and access at lower costs. Dr. Volpe’s unparalleled commitment to improving care is evident in how he created a patient-focused environment within his medical practice, as well as his relentless work as a physician champion in promoting the use of electronic health records and health information technology for quality improvement.

James Desemone, MD, FACP - The Chapter wanted to acknowledge Dr. James Desemone, Associate Professor at Albany Medical Center as principal investigator on an applied sensor technology product from KemSENSE, a resident company at the Biomedical Acceleration and Commercialization Center of Albany Medical College.  It has applied advanced sensor technology, originally developed by General Electric researchers to detect explosives and hazardous chemicals, to notify care staff whether a patient’s bedding needs to be changed because of wetness.  To read this article in its entirety featured in the Sunday, August 20th edition of the Albany Times Union, please click here.

Calvin Q. Pan, MD, FAASLD, FACG, FACP: Dr. Pan was recently published in the June 2016 issue of New England Journal of Medicine. The article details a large multiple center randomized control trial he conducted for the prevention of vertical transmission and global control of hepatitis B. Dr. Pan advocated that the Department of Health in New York City or other cities with a high concentration of Asian immigrants should adopt the policy of mandating physicians to perform a HBV DNA screening test at the second trimester during pregnancy. Providing antiviral treatment to hepatitis B mothers with high viral load during the third trimester should be a government response to control hepatitis B.

Susan Lane, MD, FACP: Dr. Lane recently co-authored an ACP Position Paper relating to  Graduate Medical Education (GME) funding entitled, "Financing U.S. Graduate Medical Education: A Policy Position Paper of the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine and the American College of Physicians." The paper makes a series of recommendations to reform the current GME financing system to better align GME with the needs of the nation's health care workforce.To read the full text of the paper, please click here.

Also contributing to this paper were former NYACP President Doug Delong, MD, FACP and former NYACP Health and Public Policy Chair Alwin Steinmann, MD, FACP.

Samy I. McFarlane, MD, MPH, MBA, FACP was recently named Distinguished Teaching Professor, College of Medicine, SUNY-Downstate.

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