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6.15.16: New Updates to Medical Marijuana Course Cover Conditional Use

The New York State Department of Health is pleased to announce updates to the 4-hour Department-approved online course for medical use of marijuana course developed by TheAnswerPage, an established online medical education provider. 

The course has been updated to include additional information regarding the use of medical marijuana in each of the conditions covered in the Compassionate Care Act, based on available scientific evidence.

The cost to take the course is $249.  Practitioners taking the course will earn 4.5 hours of CME credit upon successful completion of the course.  The new material is also accessible through TheAnswerPage’s website at no extra cost for those who have already taken the medical use of marijuana course.  

The course may be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Practitioners who wish to register with the Department and certify their patients for the Medical Marijuana Program must complete this course.  Please visit the Department’s web page for more information about becoming a registered practitioner:

NYS Department of Health Marijuana Program Information

The Department of Health implemented a Medical Marijuana Program in New York State in response to the law signed into law on July 5, 2014.

Practitioners who wish to register with the Department and certify their patients for the Medical Marijuana Program must:

  • Be qualified, by training or experience, to treat patients with one or more of the serious conditions eligible for medical marijuana;
  • Be licensed, in good standing as a physician and practicing medicine, as defined in article one hundred thirty one of the Education Law, in New York State;
  • Possess a Health Commerce System (HCS) Medical Professions Account user ID and password;
  • Possess an active Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration number; and
  • Complete the four hour Department-approved medical use of marijuana course.

The cost to take the course is $249, and practitioners will earn 4.5 hours of CME credit upon successful completion.

Patient Registration For Medical Marijuana Begins


The state Department of Health has opened an online registration system for patients seeking to qualify for the state’s medical marijuana program. The program is active.

Before patients can register online, they must first be certified by a physician who has been authorized to operate in the medical marijuana program. Doctors must have taken an online course and registered with the state in order to prescribed medical marijuana, as described above.

After online registration is completed, patients will then receive a registry identification card in the mail, which must be shown when purchasing medical marijuana at dispensing facility. New York’s medical marijuana program is limited to a small number of illnesses, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS, Parkinson’s as well as severe epilepsy, among others. The medical marijuana program includes five companies growing, manufacturing and dispensing prescription medical marijuana in the state. It’s expected that given the small patient pool, registration for the program will be relatively small in the beginning.

Also: Re-watch the four-part series on the state’s medical marijuana program, The Growing Economy.

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