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Represents members in NYACP Districts of Manhattan and the Bronx.  If you would like to contact any of the physician volunteer leaders in your district, please call the NYACP at (518)-427-0366. Governor Lawrence Phillips MD, FACP                  Governor, Manhattan/Bronx President, Chapter Secretary, IMR&S Jitendra Barmecha, MD, FACP Governor-elect Councilor-At-Large Louis Morledge, MD, FACP Councilor At-Large - Manhattan/Bronx Manhattan Tina Dobsevage, MD, FACP District President - Manhattan Matt Tomey, MD District Vice President - Manhattan Sung Wu Sun, MD, FACP Councilor - Manhattan Nicole Adler, MD, FACP Councilor - Manhattan Bronx Eleanor Weinstein, MD, FACP Councilor - Bronx Nidhish Tiwari, MD District President - Bronx Home Last Updated: 4.

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