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News Update! MLMIC's Fall 2019 Dateline Articles featured in this publication include: The Risks of EHR Software Changes and Upgrades Case Study:  Double Amputation and Finger Pointing at Trial Result in Large Settlement Don't Let Treatment Refusal Result in Legal Liability Risk Management Tip#26:  The Proper Use of Scribes >>Read More MLMIC's July 2019 Case Review Publication This issue of MLMIC's Case Review can be obtained in print (PDF) or, for the first time, as a podcast which will allow policyholders and non-policyholders alike to listen to an audio version of each case study and its accompanying legal and risk management analysis.  The cases in this issue include: Case Study #1:  Gastroenterologist and Hospital Absolved after Disastrous Outcome Case Study #2:  Poor Communication Regarding Medical Management Results in Patient Death MLMIC's June 2019 Albany Report >>Read Report MLMIC's Spring 2019 Dateline >>Read Dateline MLMIC Resources Claims • Risk Management • Underwriting • Education   Apply for Coverage • Contact • What's My Premium? MLMIC Research Library The MLMIC Research Library's services are available to all policyholders on a complimentary basis.  MLMIC owns a large collection of medical malpractice risk management book and DVD titles that can be borrowed for up to a five week loan.

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