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Represents members in NYACP Districts of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.  If you would like to contact any of the physician volunteer leaders in your district, please call the NYACP at (518)-427-0366. Governor Parag Metha, MD, FACP Governor, Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island Secretary, NYACP     Councilor-At-Large Christos Paras, DO FACP Councilor At-Large  - Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island Brooklyn Moro Salifu MD, MACP Councilor - Brooklyn Sofya Kostanyan, MD, FACP District President - Brooklyn Queens Calvin Pan, MD, MACP Councilor - Queens MIriam Smith, MD, FACP District President - Queens   Staten Island Wassim Diab, MD, FACP Councilor- Staten Island Michael Iannuzzi, MD, FACP District President - Staten Island Yasar Sattar, MD Resident Council Board Representative Home Last Updated:  5.

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