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Helping Physicians to Empower Patients Initiative

NYACP is participating in an initiative to Help Physicians Empower Patients. The goal is to increase awareness and use of quality and cost transparency tools as well as to equip physicians with the skills, resources and tools necessary to have successful conversations with patients. Though it can be an awkward topic, understanding a patient’s cost concerns could mean the difference between getting the treatment they need versus forgoing treatment altogether.

We are here to support you in having the quality and cost conversation with your patients and addressing their concerns.  Listed below are free tools and resources available to assist you with effectively engaging and empowering patients who are considering cost as a part of their decision making.


Recorded Webinars:

Starting the Cost of Care Conversation:  Implementation Strategies, Resources and Available Tools

August 15, 2018
Facilitator: Amanda Allen, Project Coordinator
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Incorporating Cost of Care Conversations Into Your Clinical Practice: Why It’s Important and What You Can Start Doing Today

September 6, 2018
Facilitator: Avalere Health

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Conversation Toolkit:  Resources to Help Start Constructive Cost and Quality Conversations with Patients


These materials will assist in determining practice readiness, related initiatives, and a shared understanding around the importance of constructive cost of care conversations. 


These materials will assist in training clinicians and staff in skills that support constructive conversations with patients, such as shared decision making. They also provide ideas and guidelines for implementation that can be adapted to your office needs. 


These materials provide strategies, templates and examples for workflow integration options that will normalize the cost of care conversation. 


These materials provide tools, strategies, examples and templates that will assist in providing patients with the necessary information and guidance related to cost and quality of care conversations. 


A list of quality and cost transparency tools vetted by NYACP that will help patients find quality, affordable care. 

  • Healthcare Blue Book
    This tool, referenced by ACP in the online High Value Care Cases, is best used by physicians via the free premium account access.  This allows account holders to see Medicare and Commercial insurance prices for services, CMS quality measure ratings for hospitals and price level ratings for specific facilities and providers.  Searching for a lab, test, procedure or service will show what is considered a “fair” price for that geographic area.  It is a guide for what someone should reasonably expect to pay if they are researching facility options for care.  The fair price is calculated by using Commercial and, for account holders only, Medicare allowed amounts.  In addition to the fair price, it includes a list of which services are included in the cost along with cost saving considerations. 
  • FAIR Health
    Patients can use this free tool for learning how to compare quality, researching price information, finding providers, and getting informed about insurance.  Price information includes a total cost breakdown, out-of-pocket cost estimator and compares in-network and out-of-network costs.  The data is from Medicare and Commercial claims for any service rendered in New York State.  Patient education guides, articles, and videos are also available.

    This tool is referenced by ACP in the online High Value Care Cases.  Healthcare providers or staff members using this site are required to purchase a license. 
  • New Choice Health
    Patients can use this site to begin their price comparison research.  They will search from a list of “shoppable procedures” and view the price ranges of the facilities in their area.  Search results also show a Great, Fair and Expensive price for the total estimated reimbursement amount (patient + insurance payments).  This is a great tool to demonstrate to patients that prices do vary by location for the same procedure!  It provides them with price data in preparation for speaking directly with their insurance company or the facility about costs.

  • NY Doctor Profile
    This New York State Department of Health website allows the general public to view factual information about MD’s and DO’s who are currently licensed and registered to practice in the state.  The information is gathered from state and federal agencies.  There are no ratings or scores.  It is a way for patients to find information about the educational background, awards, legal actions and hospital affiliations for a physician.  Providers can update their profile with articles, personal statements and additional information to expand their profile.
  • GoodRx
    This free website is dedicated to prescription drug price transparency.  In addition to providing cost-saving coupons, it allows patients and providers to search for a medication and compare prices at multiple pharmacies.  Practices can request free counter top displays so that patients can pick up the GoodRx discount card at their visit.  There is also a free tool to compile a list of frequently prescribed medications in order to display cost comparisons or use as a reference.  Other options for accessing this site include via their mobile-friendly app and integration with various electronic medical records. 
  • Surgeon Ratings
    This free site was created by Consumers’ Checkbook, a non-profit founded in 1974 that provides information on multiple topics in order to help consumers make informed choices.  Surgeon Ratings allow consumers to search for surgeons in their area to perform one of 12 major surgery types.  The results include:  individual ratings in terms of death rates, complications and readmits (all accounting for difficult cases and age), procedure volume, Board Certifications, education, and hospital affiliations.  The data was collected from government claims over a 5 year period.  A technical appendix is available to provide transparency in their methodology. 

Last Updated: 1.14.2018

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